I have let go of a lot of stuff since becoming a freelancer.



My final piece of wisdom for new freelancers is here and it’s an emotional one! I wanted to address the topic of coping with redundancy as it was a massive deal at the time for me and weighed ever present on my conscious.

In part 1, I shared some of the wisdom I’d picked up from friends and colleagues following a move from employment to freelancing.

You can read that post here.

In part 2 of this series, I’m delighted to share my next piece of advice for the fundraiser new to freelancing, drum roll....

Make friends with a governance consultant

Networking like a beast and buddying up with other consultants willing to support, advise and refer you is essential. In my experience, its best to build a team sooner rather than later because you may find that the need for a delivery partner comes more swiftly than you first thought.

I became a freelance fundraiser in October 2016 following 8 years of employment at a large, national charity. It was an incredible job and I knew when I was first appointed at the tender age of 25 that fundraising jobs in sunny Cornwall probably weren’t going to get any better than this.